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The VC Platform Field Guide

  • How VC firms can improve deal flow
  • Lead portfolio companies to success
  • And contribute to a thriving tech ecosystem

60 pages filled with insights and strategies contributed by platform leads from VC funds such as Atomico, AngelList, Seedcamp, Entrepreneur First & many others.

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What’s inside the Field Guide?

1. The Why
Why platform exists and how it can help your VC firm overcome some of its biggest challenges.

2. The When
How the right mindset will pave your platform team’s path to success.

3. The What

How to set the right goals for your fund’s platform strategy.

4. The How
Four ways to execute your strategy in a scalable and efficient way.

5. The Who
Who to hire for your platform team and how to set expectations.

These people contributed their insights

  • Carolina Küng, Head of Platform, Frontline Ventures, London, UK
  • Eleanor Warnock, Communications Manager, Atomico, London, UK
  • Elizabeth Broderick, Head of Network and Portfolio Services, Kindred Capital, London, UK
  • Emma Philipps, Operations Director, LocalGlobe, London, UK
  • Isabel Salguiero, Head of Platform, Cherry Ventures, Berlin, Germany
  • Jakob Fricke, Director Business Development, Platform, Samsung NEXT, Berlin, Germany
  • Keji Mustapha, Head of Network & Operations, Connect Ventures, London, UK
  • Kim Pham, Founder, European VC Platform, New York City, USA
  • Martin Krag Andersen, Head of Platform, byFounders, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Natasha Lytton, Head of Brand & Marketing, Seedcamp, London, UK
  • Naza Metghalchi, Business Development Lead, EQT Ventures, London, UK
  • Nina Woess, Head of Marketing & Community, Speedinvest, Vienna, Austria
  • Olivia Stamp, Community Manager, Entrepreneur First, London, UK
  • Philipp Moehring, Seed Investor, AngelList, Berlin, Germany
  • Stephen Millard, Chief Platform Officer, Notion Capital, London, UK

About the Field Guide

In early 2019, we organised a dinner in Berlin to bring platform leads from the city’s VC firms together for the first time. Realising the incredible value of exchanging knowledge and sharing perspectives, we extended this to regular meetups. And we began to invite platform leads from across Europe along too.

In doing so, we discovered a wealth of platform expertise within some of the world's biggest VC firms, waiting to be shared. So we asked 15 of the most experienced platform leads we know how they did it. How they created and executed a platform strategy that made a substantial difference to their portfolio companies – and how they continue to make an impact on overall fund performance.

First published in November 2019, the VC Platform Guide is a free-to-download guide for anyone curious about helping startups succeed, improve their deal flow and contributing to a thriving tech ecosystem. We hope you find it useful.

Our journey doesn’t stop here though. We’re constantly looking to improve the tools and learnings provided in this guide and would love to have you contribute to it.

Just submit your ideas through this form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Jakob, Isabel, Severin

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This guide has been made possible through the generous support of Samsung NEXT and Cherry Ventures.